First Time Sex Recommend By Independant Escorts Las Vegas

First time sex can be painful

Contrary to the common belief that all women must bleed and feel pain during first time sex, some do not experience them. If the sex involves penetration, you are likely to feel some pain and a little bleeding, which is normal since your body is not used to it. To avoid the pain, you should never be afraid to ask your partner to go slow or change positions. What’s more, it is advisable that you relax your body and mind.

It Is Not Obvious That You Will Become Pregnant

While a woman can get pregnant if she has unprotected sex with a man for the first time, it is not obvious. There are many factors that regulate a woman’s ability to get pregnant including ovulation cycle and release of semen into the vagina among others. In fact, it is rare to become pregnant during first time sex.

Generally, first time sex generates mixed reactions from both partners. But, taking time to prepare yourselves both physically and mentally will help you make your first experience stress-free and pleasurable.

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